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450 West Drive
Chapel Hill, NC

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Emanuele Lab studies cell cycle regulation using systematic technologies and traditional cell, molecular and biochemical techniques.


current members

Emanuele, pic, cropped.jpg

Michael Emanuele

Principal Investigator

Post-doc: Elledge Lab, Harvard Medical School/HHMI

PhD: Stukenberg Lab, University of Virginia

BS: Bucknell University

emanuele [at]


Xianxi wang

Lab technician and manager

MD: Hunan Medical University

xianxi_wang [at]


kernan pic.jpg

Thomas Bonacci

Postdoctoral fellow

PhD: Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France

tbonacci [at]





Jennifer Kernan

Graduate Student, Department of Pharmacology

BA: St. Anselm College

kernanjl [at]




Anthony Arceci

Graduate Student, Curriculum in Genetics

BS: University of Arizona

aarceci [at]

Taylor Enrico

Graduate Student, Department of Pharmacology

BS: Colby College

tpenrico [at]

Former Members