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Chapel Hill, NC

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Emanuele Lab studies cell cycle regulation using systematic technologies and traditional cell, molecular and biochemical techniques.


Application of a MYC degradation screen identifies sensitivity to CDK9 inhibitors in KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer. Blake DR, Vaseva AV, Hodge RG, Kline MP, Gilbert TSK, Tyagi V, Huang D, Whiten GC, Larson JE, Wang X, Pearce KH, Herring LE, Graves LM, Frye SV, Emanuele MJ, Cox AD, Der CJ. Sci Signal. 2019 Jul 16;12(590).

Impressionist portraits of mitotic exit: APC/C, K11-linked ubiquitin chains and Cezanne. Bonacci T, Emanuele MJ. Cell Cycle. 2019 Mar 15.

FOXM1 Deubiquitination by USP21 Regulates Cell Cycle Progression and Paclitaxel Sensitivity in Basal-Like Breast Cancer. Arceci A, Bonacci T, Wang X, Stewart K, Damrauer JS, Hoadley KA, Emanuele MJ. Cell Rep. 2019 Mar 12;26(11):3076-3086.e6.

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Cezanne/OTUD7B is a cell cycle-regulated deubiquitinase that antagonizes the degradation of APC/C substrates. Bonacci T, Suzuki A, Grant GD, Stanley N, Cook JG, Brown NG, Emanuele MJ. EMBO J. 2018 Jul 4.


Set2 methyltransferase facilitates cell cycle progression by maintaining transcriptional fidelity. Dronamraju R, Jha DK, Eser U, Adams AT, Dominguez D, Choudhury R, Chiang YC, Rathmell WK, Emanuele MJ, Churchman LS, Strahl BD. Nucleic Acids Res. 2018 Feb 16;46(3):1331-1344.


Self-oligomerization regulates stability of Survival Motor Neuron (SMN) protein isoforms by sequestering an SCFSlmb degron. Gray KM, Kaifer KA, Baillat D, Wen Y, Bonacci TR, Ebert AD, Raimer AC, Spring AM, Have ST, Glascock JJ, Gupta K, Van Duyne GD, Emanuele MJ, Lamond AI, Wagner EJ, Lorson CL, Matera AG. Mol Biol Cell. 2018 Jan 15;29(2):96-110.


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The E3 ubiquitin ligase SCF(Cyclin F) transmits AKT signaling to the cell cycle machinery. Choudhury R, Bonacci T, Wang W, Truong A, Arceci A, Zhang Y, Mills, CA, Kernan JL, Liu P, Emanuele MJ. Cell Reports. 2017 Sep 26;20(13):3212-3222.


The autism-linked UBE3A T485A mutant E3 ubiquitin ligase activates the Wnt/β-catenin pathway by inhibiting the proteasome. Yi JJ, Paranjape SR, Walker MP, Choudhury R, Wolter JM, Fragola G, Emanuele MJ, Major MB, Zylka MJ. J Biol Chem. 2017 Jul 28;292(30):12503-12515. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M117.788448. Epub 2017 May 30.


VprBP/DCAF1 Regulates the Degradation and Nonproteolytic Activation of the Cell Cycle Transcription Factor FoxM1. Wang X, Arceci A, Bird K, Mills CA, Choudhury R, Kernan JL, Zhou C, Bae-Jump V, Bowers A, Emanuele MJ. Mol Cell Biol. 2017 Jun 15;37(13). pii: e00609-16. doi: 10.1128/MCB.00609-16. Print 2017 Jul 1.


APC/C and SCF(cyclin F) constitute a reciprocal feedback circuit controlling S-phase entry. Choudhury C, Bonacci T, Arceci A,  Lahiri D, Mills CA, Kernan JL, Branigan TB, DeCaprio JA, Burke D, Emanuele MJ. Cell Reports. 2016 Sep 20;16(12):3359-72.


SNF5/INI1 Deficiency Redefines Chromatin Remodeling Complex Composition During Tumor Development.  Wei D, Goldfarb D, Song S, Cannon C, Sakellariou-Thompson D, Emanuele M, Major MB, Weissman BE and Kuwahara Y. Molecular Cancer Research. Published Online July 9, 2014; doi:10.1158/1541-7786.


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Evolutionarily conserved protein ERH controls CENP-E mRNA splicing and is required for the survival of KRAS mutant cancer cells. Weng MT, Lee JH, Wei SC, Li Q, Shahamatdar S, Hsu D, Schetter AJ, Swatkoski S, Mannan P, Garfield S, Gucek M, Kim MK, Annunziata CM, Creighton CJ, Emanuele MJ, Harris CC, Sheu JC, Giaccone G, Luo J.PNAS. 2012 Dec 26; 109(52):E3659-67.


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