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450 West Drive
Chapel Hill, NC

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Emanuele Lab studies cell cycle regulation using systematic technologies and traditional cell, molecular and biochemical techniques.

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Great work Xianxi on your paper out in MCB!

Michael Emanuele

This paper describes a paradoxical relationship between the cell cycle transcription factor FoxM1 and a Cul4-based ubiquitin ligase. FoxM1 is recurrently activated in aggressive breast and ovarian cancers, and this study shows that VprBP, a substrate receptor for Cul4, controls both the degradation and activation of FoxM1. Moreover, we showed that VprBP is overexpressed in high-grade serous ovarian tumors, potentially contributing to FoxM1 activation in malignancy. This study was a collaborative efforts with our colleauges at UNC, in the Bowers and Bae-Jump labs. Read more here.